THE NIGHT ONES – Gwen Bristol – Book Review

Hey there fellow bloggers! It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review, and I happened to come across The Night Ones by Gwen Bristol while browsing around my friend Charles E. Yallowitz’s blog over at Legends of Windemere. The book was at the tail end of a promotion, and me, never one to pass up a deal, flew over to Amazon and scooped it up.

About this book… Let me tell you… It was great.

The Night Ones-Artist-LaRae Monroe


by Gwen Bristol

FOUR OUT OF FIVE HEARTS      ♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥    

In one selfish act, twelve year-old Lily unleashes an army of Night Ones, monsters who are rumored to eat children.

She struggles to set her world right and save the empire, but not everything she’s been told about the Night Ones is true, and the emperor—the only person who can control the Night Ones—is missing.

To save her people, Lily must find a lost treasure, uncover the truth about the emperor, and foil a plot to kill an entire suppressed minority race. In the process, she discovers who she is—but can she complete her quest before thousands of innocent lives are lost?

I was truly impressed by the writing style of Ms. Bristol. Lily’s character was well fleshed out, and completely believable as a 12-year-old having to grow up well before her time because of a bad choice…(or was it?) The story pulled me in from nearly the beginning, and kept me turning the pages throughout.

Having been outcast from her village in trying to keep the Night Ones from attacking them, Lily wants to right the wrong she feels she has committed at the village temple. She wants to avoid the Night Ones’ wrath. However, she soon comes to find that all is not what it seems; she learns that traitors lied to, misinformed, and sacrificed her, her village, surrounding villages, and other innocents for centuries.

The only problem is, she doesn’t know who to trust anymore, or who to turn to for help. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say there was a great premise, good amount of action (nothing too gory), stubbornness and wilfulness that only a 12-year-old with too much on her plate could dish out, and a nice amount of plot twists.

There were some parts that I felt could’ve been drawn out slower and not so rushed (Seth/Mina) only because I would like to get to know them better. This was the only part that had me scratching my head a little.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the second one when it comes out. Great writing from who I believe, is a talented, up-and-coming author.

That’s my review for today. Definitely worth the read. Until next post, my friends…




Express Yourself – Halloween Plans?

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I’m publishing my post for Week three this month.

Jackie Felger from Bouquet of Books and Dani Bertrand from Entertaining Interests founded this great blog hop that has a great group of people with weekly topics that change every month. They also have a site they co-author together:  Cover Girls.

This week’s topic is:



Oct. 13, 2014-Oct. 17, 2014:

Do you have any Halloween plans!

I don’t have any at the moment; that is subject to change though. I’ve done most of the unpacking of clothes and incidentals that I’ll be needing, so I’m going to set aside a little time to decorate a bit. :)

 Worst case scenario if I don’t go anywhere would be to stream my favorite Halloween movies on Netflix and pass out goodies to the neighborhood trick or treaters.

While I’m doing that I can continue last-minute prep for NaNo which will start at midnight on the first!

There you have it. My tentative, if all else fails plans for Howl-o-ween! If anything changes, I’ll make sure I update you next week. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend everyone!




Express Yourself – Scariest Movie/Book

Hello bloggers! It’s time for Express Yourself, the weekly blog hop that posts different topics and updates monthly.


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I’m publishing my second for October, and only a day late! Whoop!

Jackie Felger from Bouquet of Books and Dani Bertrand from Entertaining Interests founded this great blog hop that has a great group of people with weekly topics that change every month. They also have a site they co-author together:  Cover Girls.

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Oct. 6, 2014-Oct. 10, 2014:

What’s the scariest movie or book you’ve ever watched or read!

Thinking about it, there are far too many scary books and movies that I’ve seen and read to be able to name off the top of my head. ‘Halloween’ terrified me when it first came out in theaters; the theme music alone still gets me to this day. I was fourteen. I’m sure by today’s standards it’s considered lame because there’s no real blood curdling violence in it. Anticipating what was going to happen is what made the movie so damn scary. That tops my list. The movie ‘It’ and based on the novel by Stephen King comes in a close second.

 Stephen King or Dean Koontz wrote most of the scary books that I read when I was younger. I haven’t read them in a while because I’ve tried to expand my horizons by reading different genres, but Pet Semetary and Carrie are definitely up there. Even though it’s on the tip of my tongue, I can’t remember the name of the Dean Koontz novel I read more than once because it was just that good. I’ll post it the day I figure it out. LOL.

That’s about all I have for this week. I look forward to next week and will try my hardest to be on time with my post!! Hugs to Dani and Jackie for being such great friends!

Express Yourself – October 4, 2014

Hello bloggers! I know everyone is shaking their heads and saying ‘What in the world happened to you girl?’ Well, it can take a while to explain, but I’m truly blessed to have Dani and Jackie always having my back by keeping me on the list. They’re aware that things are usually coming out of left field for me.

I’m in a less stress environment, and now that my furniture and belongings have been permanently moved to my apartment, I’m looking forward to positive things in the future.


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So here I am, humbly posting my first Express Yourself Meme for October – Yay!!

Jackie Felger from Bouquet of Books and Dani Bertrand from Entertaining Interests founded this great blog hop that has a great group of people with weekly topics that change every month. They also have a site they co-author together:  Cover Girls.

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Sept. 29-Oct. 3 2014:

Name one thing you love about autumn, even if you hate it!

Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year. I can’t just name one thing I love about Autumn; it’s as impossible as asking which child is your favorite! I love the cooler, crisper air, the changing colors of the trees. I get to pull out my sweaters, wind breakers, and boots.

I’m looking forward to Halloween in all of its fabulous awesomeness this year. Pumpkins and more pumpkins. Carved pumpkins, pumpkin pies, muffins, coffees and lattes. Decorating the cottage once I unpack and organize. Way too excited.

There you have it. The (ahem) ONE thing I love about Autumn.

Hope for Her Book Release – Sydney Aaliyah Michelle



Hope for Her By Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Release Date: October 1, 2014

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No one ever expected much from him.

Joshua Elijah Griffin, IV is on his last chance. A stint in rehab and a transfer to a new school has scared him into putting his life on track. He’s determined to live up to his family’s expectations, but on the first day of class, Josh meets a girl, and he knows his father won’t approve, but in Carrington, he sees a kindred spirit. He’s willing to give up everything to be with her.

No one ever thought she was special.

Carrington Olivia Butler is ready to shine. Always in the shadows of her siblings, she goes away to college to break out of her shell. All Carrington wants is to feel special. Josh’s attention is exactly what she craves, but their intense and sometimes volatile relationship is more than what she bargained for.

Josh’s demons return, and Carrington’s feelings fade, but both aren’t ready to give up hope. They give their love one last shot to survive, but hope, may not be enough.

**This book contains adult subject matter. Not intended for young readers.**

Sydney has decided to offer the NEW Kindle with touch screen
capabilities as a giveaway for the Release Day Blitz of Hope for Her!

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Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a New Adult Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader and movie fanatic who hails from Texas.

After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer.

Sydney has been blogging at for three years, where she interviews people about their tattoos, discusses her favorite movie quotes, reviews books (New Adult & only the ones she loves) and journals about her writing and editing process.

Sydney’s self-published début New Adult Novel Another New Life was released in May 2014.

An active tweeter, she is also a JuNoWriMo (2x) and NaNoWriMo (2x) winner who notes the sci-fi action flick “The Matrix” as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now awake.

She can recite the entire script for the 80’s teen comedy/drama “The Breakfast Club” and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark.

When it come to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Cora Carmack & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books.


I reached out and grabbed her, wrapping my arms around her waist. She resisted,

pushing and punching my arms and shoulders. I wanted her to fight me. To hit me and scream and show me what I did to her.

After a while, she collapsed in my arms, exhausted from fighting, but her sobs continued for several more minutes. My neck and chest dampened from her tears, and her whole body convulsed when she released an uncontrollable series of coughs. It shook us both, but I held on tight. The vibration of our bodies glued together made me hard, and I found it difficult to concentrate. I tried to push those thoughts out of my head. I wanted her to understand.

It tore me up to know I caused her an ounce of pain. I held her tight with one arm and stroked her back with the other. Each stroke, her body softened. When her last bit of energy drained, I turned us around and her back was up against my car. I placed my hands on her hips; she whimpered as I lifted her and sat her on the trunk.

Her damp hair stuck to her face, and I pushed it away. I wiped her eyes and lifted her chin.

“How could you leave me like that?” she asked. The desperation in her voice

fucked with my mind. I hated myself.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered as my lips sweep across her cheek. She tensed. I

expressed my gratitude by kissing her other cheek. She whimpered, and my heart


I kissed her forehead, dropped my hands to her waist, and her head fell forward without my support.

“Why?” she asked. Her voice sounded defeated, but defiant. She wanted an

answer. She deserved an answer.

“Since I meet you, I’ve had the time of my life.” I kissed her jawline as I placed

my hands on her thighs. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.” As my lips moved to her ear, she leaned into me. I pushed her legs apart. I wanted to hold her, get closer to her. She relaxed more with every kiss. “I want to be with you so bad.” When I reached her earlobe, I bit it, and she moaned. “But eventually you’re going to leave me.”